Absinthe Mansinthe has been developed by Marilyn Manson, Oliver Matter and Markus Lion.
It's distilled from neutral grain alcohol and herbs. It's a naturally green colored Absinthe, made in Switzerland.

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Absinthe Mansinthe

Absinthe Mansinthe was released in 2007 and is a global success. It's a high quality Absinthe made with Swiss accuracy and precision.

Gold awarded

Absinthe Mansinthe isn't comparable to other celebrity products such as canned Prosecco. San Francisco World Spirits competition awarded Mansinthe Gold medal.

Mansinthe Production

Absinthe Mansinthe is produced to historic protocols. It's made with finest herbs and spices. No artificials or sugar is used. It's a classical distilled Absinthe.

Where to buy

Absinthe Mansinthe is globally available. Please don't hesitate contacting us if you're looking for domestic sources.

Absinthe Mansinthe has a nice green color with a faint touch of yellowish brown and neat it has quite an appealing aroma. When diluted with iced water it louches nicely and turns into a fine light-green/white drink. A nice touch of wormwood with pontica clearly showing through and in a fine blend of fennel, anise, hyssop and a slight touch of melissa sums most of it up. That makes a very nice drink, easy to drink and enjoy...