Mansinthe Versions

  • The very first prototypes were artificially red and green colored. These were sent to Manson for review and comments.
  • When Manson was happy with the result of bouncing forth and back several prototypes, ABSINTHE.DE released a limited edition – Prototype Nr. 35. Only 50 Liters were made.
  • After a show at the Southside Festival we showed Manson an early version of the product. He decided that he would like to have 80 of these bottles only 5 days later for a gallery opening in Cologne. This edition is limited to only 80 bottles (0,5 Liter – 68%) and comes with a differently designed label. Some of the labels were signed by Manson. Unsigned Bottles were sold by the Schenk Gallery in Cologne for 300 Euro, Signed Bottles for 500 Euro.
  • The final version has been released in a 0.7 Liter bottle and went on sale in summer 2007
  • A 0.2 Liter and 0.04 Liter version was released a little later.
  • Mansinthe has been officially released in the U.S. in a 0.75 Liter bottle – a 0.2 Liter version exists as well.


Generally ALL officially available versions are identical – there’s NO difference between the european, american, asian or australian version!