Absinthe Preparation

Pour 2 to 4 cl of Absinthe into a suitable glass and slowly add ice-cold water 1:3 to 1:5 ratio of Absinthe to water.

Some Absinthes are bitterer than others and can be sweeten with sugar. Therefore you pour 2 to 4 cl Absinthe in a suitable glass, put an Absinthe spoon on the glass, place a sugar cube on the Absinthe spoon and slowly pour ice cold water over the sugar into the glass. After the sugar cube dissolves, still and enjoy.

For those of you who would like to put on a little show, pour some Absinthe over the sugar cube and light it up before mixing the drink with water.

It doesn’t make the Absinthe taste different as far as our tests show. The perfect Absinthe ceremony is done with a Fontaine…

There are also numerous cocktails – you may try Champagne instead of water – Hemingway loved to drink it this way.
He called it “Death in the Afternoon”. We’d like to warn anyone from drinking pure Absinthe – because of the high alcohol content this can be really dangerous!