Absinthe FAQ

Where can I find the exact thujon contents?
Every Absinthe contains Thujone, however this isn’t an indication of quality. Recent scientific studies showed that one has to consume several bottles of Absinthe each day for several years to collect a quantity of Thujone which may have an physical effect on the body. We’re sure, you will agree, that you’re most likely deadly poisond by alcohol before you will “feel” Thujone. Please send me a link to a bottle of Absinthe that has Worm Wood in it or the ingredent that makes you hallucinate….Or do you offer that ? Absinthe is the French word for wormwood. BUT – there is NO Absinthe in the world that makes you hallucinate!!!! This is wishful thinking and misinformation. ABSINTHE DOES NOT CAUSE HALLUCINATIONS!!!! Most products we’re offering are historically accurate. They could have existed in the 19th century.

Does Absinthe make me go blind?
This could happen in the Belle Epoche era. In those days, quality control was a problem for many companies. Absinthe was often stored in lead casks. We now know, that this wasn’t a good idea at all. Distilleries today are monitored by the officials very closely, to insure the production of a high quality product. Drinking Absinthe, if you don’t drink too much will not harm you. Alcohol is dangerous, but Absinthe is no more dangerous than Vodka.