At the beginning of the 2000s, absinthe was still banned in the USA and it was difficult to get any at all. We could see that clearly in orders from the USA. In the summer of 2005 I was invited to a concert in Basel - Manson wanted to meet me. After the concert we talked about music, art, architecture, design and also realized that we have a few mutual acquaintances. He liked my suggestion to develop an absinthe together so much that a short time later he already had a couple of Oliver Matter prototypes on the table. It took a while for Manson to try the samples, then called me and was thrilled. We agreed on the further development and only 2 years later Absinthe Mansinthe became a globally distributed and highly respected absinthe for which there was even a gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.


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Mansinthe Production

The recipe for Absinthe Mansinthe is based on the experience that Oliver Matter and the experts of Lion Spirits had gained since they began working together in 2005 with the development of the Absinthe Duplais series. In close consultation with Marilyn Manson, an absinthe was created that, on the one hand, meets the high demands of international absinthe lovers, but is also pleasing in order to appeal to as many people as possible.
For Oliver Matter, only the same uncompromising quality of herbs comes into question for the production that is also used for the exclusive Absinthe Duplais series. The herbs are first macerated in fine alcohol and then distilled. In a further step, the absinthe is colored green with natural herbs and before bottling to a devilish 66.6% vol. alcohol set.

Absinthe Mansinthe Preparation

First, put 2 to 4 cl Absinthe Mansinthe in an absinthe glass. Then pour ice-cold, still water into the absinthe glass in a ratio of 1:1 to 1:5.
Note that you pour the water into the absinthe glass in a thin stream and from a certain height. It may splash a little, because this gives the absinthe some air and this micro-oxidation allows it to develop its full aroma.
At the same time, a perfect turbidity is guaranteed in this way, because the essential oils of green aniseed and fennel contained in Absinthe Mansinthe are not water-soluble and color the Absinthe when water is added, a little white with a green hue .
High-quality absinthe is inherently sweet enough so that you can safely do without the use of sugar, but everyone can decide that for themselves.

When I grow old, I need a drink

Marilyn Manson is multi-talented, not just as a musician has achieved a high profile, but also by art lovers will appreciate it. His pictures became international exhibited and are characterized by a recognizable, unique style created by the curator of the Kunsthalle Wien , Gerald Matt, was compared to Egon Schiele.

Marilyn Manson: "I have a photo of William Burroughs in the hallway hanging that looks something like this. As I was looking at it one day I thought to myself: if I did everything he has always done look like this when i'm old, i'd be happy. When I got the picture painting, I drank absinthe - which I often do and discovered what kind of absinthe beautiful color absinthe leaves on the canvas when i use the brush into the wrong glass, namely my drink.

Manson also has a soft spot for the film. For example, he had guest appearances in the American series Californication&nbsp ;or Sons of Anarchy.


San Francisco World Spirits Awards

The San Francisco World Spirits Awards is America's premier spirits competition.

When Absinthe Mansinthe was exported to the USA in 2008, the Jury of this competition the gold medal for Absinthe Mansinthe and confirm what we had in mind from the start: a first class Absinthe!

International Wine and Spirits Competition

The IWSC is the largest and oldest spirits competition in the world. Here spirits are made by renowned experts according to specified standards Criteria judged and evaluated. A medal in this competition is an accolade and proof of extraordinary quality. absinthe Mansinthe was awarded the bronze medal in 2008.

Wermouth, absinthe in French, is the namesake of the "green fairy" and the most important component of an absinthe. The greyish herb grows almost everywhere, but wormwood only thrives best on poor soil and at cool temperatures. Its aroma is difficult to put into words. On the one hand hay, on the other hand slightly lemony but clearly spicy, it gives the absinthe its very typical note. Oliver Matter has it grown exclusively for him near the distillery.
The legendary alkaloid "thujone" also comes from the great wormwood, from which absinthe owes its supposed effect. It should be said that the myth is greater than the scientifically proven facts, and no legislator in the world would allow a spirit for sale that, apart from the alcoholic effect, has an effect similar to intoxicating drugs!

In the first conversation with interested parties, one often hears that absinthe tastes like liquorice. But there is a fundamental misunderstanding here. Anise, especially green anise, has absolutely nothing to do with liquorice. Neither from the plant nor from the aroma. Green anise is most closely comparable to star anise, which is known from pastis, but green anise is not nearly as dominant and leaves much more room for other aromas in absinthe. The pleasantly fresh note comes from him. The essential oils of these seeds ensure that the absinthe turns milky white when water is added.


Everyone knows the beneficial effects of fennel tea from their childhood. Like anise, fennel also contains the essential oil, anethole, which makes absinthe milky white when water is added. Compared to green aniseed, the aroma is a bit broader and gives the absinthe a solid foundation.

If you want to know exactly - and want to see it

The 13-minute video shows product development, production preparation, distillation, coloring, bottling and labelling.
A very labour-intensive undertaking with a lot of manual work
Absinthe Mansinthe - a Swiss quality product!
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