Erfahre mehr über Combier: Der Ursprung des weltbekannten Triple Sec

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Triple Sec from Combier

Discover the fascinating story behind the world-famous Triple Sec from Combier. Immerse yourself in the tradition and heritage of this iconic liqueur, made in the picturesque town of Saumur, France since 1834. Learn more about the craftsmanship, unique ingredients and timeless elegance that makes Combier an indispensable part of cocktail culture.

The History of Combier

The history of Combier dates back to the 19th century, when Jean-Baptiste Combier founded a distillery in Saumur, France. Since its founding, the distillery has maintained a rich tradition of producing high quality liqueurs and spirits. Combier's commitment to quality and craftsmanship has helped their products gain worldwide recognition. Today, Combier is proud to carry on the tradition and legacy of its founder and continue to produce premium spirits. With this heritage and strong tradition, Combier has developed into a world-renowned provider of high-quality spirits.

The founding of the distillery

In 1834, Jean-Baptiste Combier founded the distillery in Saumur, a picturesque town in the heart of the Loire Valley. The distillery began distilling absinthe and over time expanded its range to include high-quality liqueurs and spirits. Through innovation and tradition, Combier has established itself as a leading producer of fine spirits in France and beyond. Since its founding, the distillery has become an icon of French spirits art, and its influence extends far beyond the borders of France.

The creation of the Triple Sec Liqueur

The world-famous Triple Sec Liqueur was first created by Combier in 1834 and has been synonymous with quality and taste ever since. Triple Sec, which means 'dry' in French, is characterized by its intense orange aroma and its versatile use in cocktails. Using a secret recipe of orange peel extracts, this liqueur is still made to the highest standards. Combier's Triple Sec Liqueur embodies the passion and skill that goes into every bottle of their legendary drink. The success story of Combiers Triple Sec Liqueur is closely linked to the company's history and tradition and reflects the dedication to excellent craftsmanship.

The selection of ingredients

Combier carefully selects the best ingredients to ensure the quality of its world-famous Triple Sec. The selection includes fresh orange peels, which are known for their intense aroma. In addition to the orange peels, high-quality alcohol and sugar are also carefully selected to achieve the perfect balance of flavors. Each ingredient is selected with great care and respecting the highest quality standards to guarantee the unmistakable taste of Combier Triple Sec. This meticulous selection process is a testament to Combier's commitment to producing a truly exceptional Triple Sec that embodies the essence of quality and craftsmanship.

The use of orange peel

The use of fresh orange peel is crucial for the distinctive taste of Combier Triple Sec. The essential oils in the orange peel provide a natural and fresh flavor that can be felt in every sip. The careful processing of the orange peels is an essential part of the secret recipe of Combier Triple Sec and enables an incomparable taste experience. Hand-picked orange peels give the liqueur its characteristic, intense aroma, which makes it a real pleasure.

The importance of spices and herbs

Spices and herbs are crucial for the unique character of the Combier Triple Sec liqueur. Each carefully selected blend of spices and herbs contributes to the complexity and depth of its flavor. The art of combining these ingredients correctly is crucial to the unmistakable identity of the Combier Triple Sec. Through the precise balance of spices and herbs, Combier succeeds in creating a harmonious pleasure for the senses that delights lovers of the liqueur worldwide.

The manufacturing process by Triple Sec

The production of Combier Triple Sec begins with the careful selection of ripe orange peels, which serve as the basis for the liqueur. The orange peels are then soaked in alcohol to extract their intense aroma and create a high-quality base for the Triple Sec. During the distillation process, the flavored alcohols are carefully processed to obtain a pure and flavorful distillate. Finally, sugar and water are added to create the perfect Triple Sec liqueur, which can be enjoyed both in cocktails and neat. This elaborate manufacturing process is an essential part of Combier's quality standards and guarantees an incomparable taste experience.

The distillation techniques

When distilling Triple Sec, Combier uses a combination of traditional stills and modern distillation equipment to create a complex and balanced aroma. A crucial step is multiple distillation, in which the distillate is repeatedly heated and cooled to remove unwanted components and ensure the purity of the liqueur. Precise control of the distillation process is paramount to ensure that only the finest flavors of the orange peel are captured, creating Triple Sec's signature taste. The art of distillation techniques lies in producing a product of the highest quality that will delight the discerning palate of lovers of high-quality spirits.

Maturation and bottling

After distillation, the fresh Triple Sec liqueur is stored in specially selected vessels for further maturation in order to perfect its aroma and achieve a harmonious balance. During this phase, the liqueur absorbs subtle nuances from the wood of the barrels or containers, giving it its characteristic depth and complexity. Once the ideal level of maturity is reached, the Triple Sec is bottled and sealed, ready to seduce connoisseurs around the world with its distinctive taste. The careful bottling not only guarantees the quality of the product, but also underlines the dedication to craftsmanship in every single step of the manufacturing process.

The history of Combier

The history of Combier goes back to the 19th century, when Jean-Baptiste Combier founded the distillery and laid the foundation for the tradition. An important milestone in Combier's history was the creation of the famous Triple Sec liqueur, which is still appreciated worldwide today. Over time, Combier has constantly refined its recipes and techniques to ensure the quality and distinctive taste of its products. Combier's heritage spans generations and is reflected in every handcrafted product made using traditional methods to this day.

The founding of the Distillery

The distillery was founded in Saumur, France in 1834, making it one of the oldest of its kind in the region. Jean-Baptiste Combier began with a visionary idea and unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, laying the foundation for this iconic distillery. The use of local ingredients and traditional distillation methods resulted in an unparalleled reputation for quality spirits that continues to this day. The values of quality, craftsmanship and innovation that were established when it was founded still form the foundation of the company today.

The development of the Triple Sec Liqueurs

The legendary Triple Sec Liqueur, created by Jean-Baptiste Combier in the 19th century, embodies French elegance and sophistication in every bottle. The careful selection of citrus fruits and precise distillation techniques have allowed Combier to create a unique orange liqueur with a harmonious depth of flavor that remains unparalleled to this day. The constant development of Triple Sec liqueur through the experience of several generations has contributed to it becoming an indispensable ingredient in many classic cocktails. Combier's commitment to authenticity and excellence is reflected in every bottle of its Triple Sec liqueur and has made it the benchmark for quality in the spirits industry.

The versatility by Triple Sec

Triple Sec is a versatile liqueur used in a variety of cocktails. It gives the drinks a fruity note and rounds off the taste. Whether in classic margaritas or modern creations, Triple Sec adds a special nuance to every cocktail. Its versatility makes it an indispensable part of bar equipment. From enhancing the flavors of mixed drinks to elevating the drinking experience, Triple Sec has indeed secured its place as a beloved and essential component behind the bar.

Popular Cocktails with Triple Sec

The famous Cosmopolitan, with its irresistible mix, is undoubtedly one of the most popular cocktails that incorporate the expressive presence of Triple Sec. The refreshing Mai Tai is also a popular choice to fully enjoy the fruity character of the Triple Sec. In addition, the classic cocktail, the Sidecar, benefits from the aromatic complexity of Triple Sec, while even the simple Blue Margarita showcases the remarkable flavor dimension of Triple Sec.

Culinary uses of Triple Sec

Triple Sec is not only suitable for cocktails, but can also be used culinary to refine desserts such as orange cake or sorbets. In savory dishes, Triple Sec provides a subtle fruity note and highlights the flavors without being overwhelming. Adding Triple Sec to sauces and glazes gives them a sophisticated depth of flavor, and even when flambéing fruit, Triple Sec adds an extra touch of aroma and sweetness.


In summary, the history of Combier is one of remarkable tradition and innovation. From its founding in 1834 to the creation of the legendary Triple Sec liqueur, Combier has always maintained a standard of excellence and craftsmanship. The careful selection of ingredients, traditional distillation techniques and commitment to quality have cemented Combier's reputation as a producer of exceptional spirits. Triple Sec's versatility extends beyond cocktails and its use in culinary applications adds a sophisticated depth of flavor to sweet and savory dishes. Whether enjoyed in a classic cocktail or used to enhance a culinary creation, Combiers Triple Sec remains an essential and valued ingredient in the world of spirits and culinary arts.

Discover the fascinating story behind the world-famous Triple Sec from Combier. Immerse yourself in the tradition and heritage of this iconic liqueur.

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Erfahre mehr über Combier: Der Ursprung des weltbekannten Triple Sec

Discover the fascinating story behind the world-famous Triple Sec from Combier. Immerse yourself in the tradition and heritage of this iconic liqueur.